“The Rat Catcher”: An Exclusive Blackspire Short Story

My latest novel, Blackspire, has been in the wild for almost two months now. I hope that everyone who has had an opportunity to check it out has enjoyed the story and its bizarre cast of characters.

Now that people are a bit more familiar with the dark and dangerous world of Blackspire, I thought it would be fun to share a look at another area of the city. That’s why I’m releasing a special, illustrated version of a short story entitled “The Rat Catcher” to everyone on my author email list.

Written shortly after I finished the original novel, “The Rat Catcher” takes place in the district of Spiresreach, which is the area immediately north of Lowtown, where the events of Blackspire take place.

If you’ve signed up for my author updates email list previously, then you should have already received an email with a link to view and download the story. For everyone else, just click on the image below to sign up and access your copy. I don’t typically send out a lot of emails, so I promise not to inundate your inbox!

I hope everyone enjoys this new look at the city of Blackspire and its denizens!

rat catcher short story cover